Before 2016/2017, I was absolutely reckless. I was crass, overtly sexual, rude and generally made people uncomfortable. If we went further back, I made horrid jokes at the expense of anybody and everything. Thanks, in part, to public education through discourse on Twitter, I have tried and I keep trying to do better. But, the things I did, the types of conversations I initiated and a lot of things I did at that time were wrong. Absolutely wrong. I made people uncomfortable and hurt people with my actions. A part of me wants to use my age as an excuse, I was in my early 20’s. But I knew better.

There is absolutely no way to take that back. I was, I have been and I remain sorry for the things I did then. But even moving forward years later, my actions have made people uncomfortable-online and offline. In very recent times however, I have been putting in the work and trying to do better. And while the lines have seemed blurred, I have tried to improve on every single interaction I have had especially since 2017.

I am intense, I don’t always get and understand social cues, and very often, I overlook a lot of things and expect that other people I interact with would too. And because of my mannerisms, very often, I’m seen as different from who I really am.

I haven’t always gotten it right, but I have tried.

In all of this, I have never and will never touch anybody inappropriately. It has never happened, it will never happen.

Because I was called out by someone with a lot of social capital, it became easy for people to take a second look at their interactions with me and see innocent jokes and statements as meaning more, leaving out a lot of context. Many people came forward with false accusations too. But none of these things take anything away from my own actions. I fully take ownership of those actions and I can only say again that I am honestly and truly sorry. I am sorry for everything I have done. I am especially sorry to all the people I hurt.

Since September, I have been taking stock of myself in conversations with my family and friends. This time, more intentional than I have ever been. I am still doing the work to be and do better.

Freelance journalist in Nigeria interested in development, policy and conflict. Here to write about economics, data science and the intersection with policy.